Ray Baehr


The Lore Keeper

A graphic novel in progress about a young artist who lived in Europe during the end of the last ice age.This project is on hiatus, but you can read an unedited sample by clicking the button below.

Concept Art


Hi, I’m Ray! I’m a cartoonist from Southern Vermont. I’m currently working on my first graphic novel which is about a young artist who lived in Europe during the end of the last ice age. Someday I would also like to make educational comics about Paleolithic cave art sites such as Chauvet Cave.I love telling stories about prehistoric people with relatable themes about friendship and learning to believe in yourself. My artwork is primarily black and white with beautiful brush strokes and strong spot blacks which is a perfect compliment to the time periods I enjoy studying and writing about.I feel a particular kinship with early modern humans who made cave paintings and other tangible artwork. I spend a lot of time reading about what they left behind and imagining what they were like. Their lives were a constant struggle for survival, but they still found a place for art and storytelling. They were, in a way, the first cartoonists!I hope my work will inspire curiosity about our origins and give an imaginative look into what life might have been like in the ancient past.I'm currently pursuing a BA in anthropology and I'm excited to apply what I learn to future comic projects!My pronouns are they/them.

FAQWhat tools/materials do you use?
My comics and illustration work is 100% digital! I work in Clip Studio Paint EX on an iPad Pro.

The Lore Keeper

Unedited sample pages from my graphic novel project.